If I order something and don't like it what can I do?

You can return it to us for full refund within 7 working days of receipt, subject to certain conditions, please see our full returns policy for these. How can I get in touch with SPR Our address for all correspondence and returns is

Unit 5
Brookside Road
NG11 6AT

Why do you want my phone number and e-mail address?

We ask for this information so that we can contact you in case there is a problem with your order. Very occasionally there will be a problem with a delivery, and we need to be able to contact you to resolve the issue. We also contact our customers through e-mail with news and special offers. For example, when we have one of our Sales on the website we can contact you to make sure you get first choice of the goods available. In addition, from time to time, we may have offers specifically suited to you and your bike, so by keeping your account details accurate we can let you know when we have an offer you would be interested in.
Note: when ordering online you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your order.
Have you got a shop?

We currently have one store in Ruddington, call 0115 9216958

Why is a product, which is advertised out of stock?

We are very sorry if an item you would like to order is sold out or is delayed. We always try and make sure that as much of our range as possible is available to you at any given time. Having good stock availability not only means happier customers but also more sales too. Our experienced purchasing team try to predict the exact quantity of each item to buy, however, we do occasionally get it wrong with some items selling far better than we expect. Fortunately many of our suppliers are UK based and delivery times are extremely short so generally most delays will be minimised.

Why does it sometimes take so long to get my item?

Occasionally there will be a long delay on a particular item as the manufacturer has been busier than expected and unable to produce the goods on time. There are also occasions where, due to an excessive demand we have simply not ordered enough and the supplier has also sold out. Where possible we will obtain the same item from an alternative source, however, we are not always able to do this. We will advise long delays and do our best to keep you informed as and when we receive updates on delivery from supplier.

How long does it take to process my return or exchange?

We always try and process returns and exchanges as quickly as possible, although it can take up to twenty-one days when we are very busy. Over the last year we have substantially reduced the average time it take takes to process a return. We will strive to improve this further over the next year.

Are you SSL secure?

Yes, the final stages of the checkout process are encrypted using SSL technology.